Sci-Tech Finance Institute of Shanghai

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Sci-Tech Finance Institute of Shanghai (“Institute”) is a knowledge platform built jointly by Shanghai Finance University and People’s Government of Yangpu District and approved by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. Based at Yangpu district, the Institute is set up to offer services to Shanghai and other places in China. Adopting a policy of “linking theory with practice” and “cooperation between political circle, manufactures, academia, researchers and users”, the Institute aims to promote the development of both academic programs and financial industry. As a platform designed for supporting decisions made for the innovation drive and transformation of Shanghai, the Institute will play a significant role in attracting talents in science & technology finance, supporting science & technology finance policies, and promoting science & technology development and finance innovation in Shanghai.

I. Objectives
Shanghai Finance University is industry-orientated and rich in financial education and talent resources. As the only national innovation pilot district of Shanghai, Yangpu District is vigorously building its science & technology finance functional area. With these strengths, the Institute is aimed at “building an integrated platform with Shanghai as the core and with science & technology finance cooperation innovation at national level as the main goal”.

II. Functions and tasks
Sci-Tech Finance Institute of Shanghai gathers the best science & technology financial knowledge service teams in China, works together various government departments and cooperates with leading players from finance industry. Its influence reaches out to the entire financial system of Yangtze River Delta. With research institutes at universities and colleges as the basis, the Institute is trying to develop an innovative jointly working model featuring “government+bank+multi-level capital market subject+finance media+science & technology enterprise” and introduce it nationwide.

The Institute is entrusted with the task of developing “science & technology finance”, one of the five modules of Shanghai innovation system. The other four modules are: policy support, R&D and conversion, priority area, cooperative innovation. To accomplish the task, the Institute focuses on the study of cutting-edge issues in science & technology finance development as well as related experiments. The Institute also works with government department engaged in offering services to science & technology enterprises (such as Shanghai Science & Technology Incubation Center and Shanghai Equity Trusteeship Trading Center) and leading players in finance industry (such as CCB Shanghai Branch, ICBC Shanghai Branch, and BCM Suzhou Branch) for the purpose of pushing forward development of the science & technology finance system in Yangtze River Delta and promoting it to the whole country.

III. Organizational structure and management system
Learning from the organization system of post-doctoral research center, the Institute sets up knowledge service team and project service team on the basis of specific tasks of individual project. The project is open in all aspects and bidding process is equally open and equitable. Administrative staff serve regularly while research staff are permissible for free flow. The research results, data base, knowledge base and IPR of these two teams all belong to the Institute. Currently, the Institute has 22 research staff who hold Ph.D degree or above and 1 overseas returnee who has a double Master’s degree. Members of research team either are full-time employee of SFU or part-time researchers from government, science & technology enterprise, science & technology financial institution and industry organizations.

The Institute has built two platforms with Shanghai University of Finance & Economics Financial Law Research Center and Finance Department of Dacheng Law Offices (No.1 in Asia) respectively. Working together to serve the industry, the Institute exchanges researchers with these two partners and participates in their research programs and activities, and vice versa.

IV. Research services provided
The science & technology enterprise financing selection system and process risk control system developed by the Institute allow government to inject capital into science & technology enterprise risk compensation fund pool on the basis of scientific decision-making mechanism, and consequently fueling the large-scale technology credit by mainstream finance industry players such as commercial banks. The Institute is dedicated to promoting science & technology finance know-how in the industry and providing decision-making counseling services for government through joint R&D work on industry’s important and cutting-edges issues, and long-standing “manufacturer-academia-research” salon. The Institute is also trying to set up a science & technology enterprise investment alliance experiment area which will serve as a pilot project for the promotion of institutional innovation, economic transition and economic development in finance industry.