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An Introduction of Sci-tech Finance Institute of Shanghai

Sci-tech Finance Institute of Shanghai is a university service platform authorized by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and co-founded by Shanghai Finance University and Shanghai Yangpu Government.  Based in Yangpu District and providing professional financial services to Shanghai as well as the entire China, the Institute promotes both disciplinary construction and university-industry cooperation, playing a crucial role in attracting sci-tech finance talents, supporting sci-tech finance decisions and promoting the development and innovation of sci-tech finance in shanghai. It has become an important platform for decision-making support in innovation drive and transformational development of Shanghai.

1.The aim of the Institute
The Institute has set up its aim as “creating a collective platform for national sci-tech cooperation and innovation with Shanghai as its centre” against the backdrop of the professional feature, abundant finance education and talents of SFU, as well as the booming development of Yangpu sci-tech finance functional area.

2. Major functions and tasks of the Institute
With the help of relevant governmental departments and leaders of financial industry, Sci-tech Finance Institute of Shanghai has integrated the best team in China to provide professional sci-tech financial service, which has influenced the financial system of the entire Yangtze River Delta. The Institute is trying to promote nationwide an innovative mode of the joint development of “government + banks + main participants of multi-level capital market + financial media + sci-tech enterprises” with the support of universities and research institutes.
The Institute is devoted to research and experiments of frontier issues of sci-tech finance, united with sci-tech enterprise service departments of the government, such as Shanghai Technology Innovation Center and Shanghai Equity Trusteeship Trading Center. Also, the Institute cooperates with leaders of the financial industry, such as Shanghai Branch of Chinese Construction Bank, Shanghai Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Suzhou branch of Bank of Communications, which guides and promotes the systematic development of the economy of Yangtze River Delta as well as the entire China.

3. The organizational structure and management system of the Institute
The Institute simulates the organizational structure of post-doctoral research station, and establishes knowledge service teams and project service panels to complete tasks according to the contents of projects and assignments. All the projects are open, bids open and fair, management staff fixed and research staff flow.  All the research achievements, databases, knowledge bases and intellectual property obtained by project panels and knowledge service teams belong to the Institute. Currently the Institute boasts 22 research staffs, one with two overseas master degrees. The research team includes not only full-time staff members from SFU, but also part-time ones from governmental departments, sci-tech enterprises, sci-tech financial organizations and industries.

4.Major research service projects of the Institute
By establishing a screening system of sci-tech enterprise financing and a risk-control system for the entire procedure, the Institute manages to help the government to build up a reasonable decision-making mechanism, injecting capitals to the risk compensation capital pool of sci-tech enterprises, hence pushing commercial banks and other major financial organizations to issue large-scale sci-tech credit loans.  In the meantime, the Institute promotes sci-tech technologies and provides decision-making consulting services for the government through long-term stable university-industry cooperation and research on important projects and frontier issues. Gestating to establish an experimental zone of sci-tech investment and loan alliance, Sci-tech Finance Institute of Shanghai is a pioneer of promoting systematic finance innovation, economy transformation and development.

Sci-tech projects and cooperation of the Institute (domestic and overseas)
1.Shanghai Yangpu Financial Service Office---Research on the mode of transforming sci-tech achievements into market transaction
2. Sci-tech finance key laboratory of Guangdong University of Finance---Specialized protocol of database cooperation
3. Suzhou branch of Bank of Communications---The online model of evaluating financing capacity of sci-tech enterprises
4. Shanghai Yangpu Financial Service Office---The Internet credit loan service system of the Sci-tech Park
5. Liupanshui Government---Compiling financial development planning agreement
6. Productivity Promotion Center of Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau --- Construction of Sci-tech enterprise credit evaluation mode
7. China Development Research Foundation--- Legislation research on Banking Law of The People's Republic of China
8. IFE Group ---Strategic Cooperation protocol
9. Shanghai Zero Market Research Company ---Sci-tech finance creative business cooperation
10. Beijing Dacheng Law Offices --- Research on the legal system of Sci-tech finance

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