TANG Haiyan

Party Secretary


Mr. TANG Haiyan, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, and Party Secretary of Shanghai Finance University. Professor TANG Haiyan was graduated from East China Normal University majoring in economics in 1984. Before 2015, Professor Tang Haiyan was appointed as Director of Department of Finance of East China Normal University, President of Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce. Currently he takes full charge of SFU’s party committees, university organization and propaganda, and is connected to School of International Economics and Trade, Department Foreign Languages and Department of Social Sciences. 

Professor TANG Haiyan is member of China Society of World Economics, member of China Association of International Trade, member of academic committee of China Association for International Economic Cooperation, executive director of Shanghai Society of World Economics, executive director of Shanghai Association of International Trade, and other positions. He won Business Development Research Achievement Award by  Ministry of Commerce and Award of Shanghai Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement.

WANG Hongwei



Mr. WANG Hongwei, Ph.D., Professor, President of Shanghai Finance University. Professor WANG takes full charge of university administration, including human resources management, university planning, discipline, strategic cooperation, audits, and higher education research, and is connected to School of Finance and School of Finance and Public Administration. 

Previously, Professor WANG was Director of Department of Investment, Vice Head of Graduate Division, Research Director, and Vice President of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. He was awarded the Baosteel Excellent Teacher, Shenyin Wanguo Award to Excellent Teacher by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, and is the Expert of Shanghai Municipal Government Advisory Committee on Decision-Making.

Professor Wang’s major research areas are Real Estate and Investment, and he was the Standing Director of World Chinese Real Estate Association, and Chairman of the 13th Asian Real Estate Society. He has been responsible for many national-level projects and published theses and works.

LU Haibo

Deputy Party Secretary, Party Secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee


Mr. LU Haibo, Associate Professor, Deputy Party Secretary of the Communist Party Committee, Party Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee. Professor LU is in charge of university archives, discipline inspection, supervisory control, SFU Labor Unions, united front work, elderly cadres, party school, students, the Communist Youth League, logistics, safety and guard, alumni, and sports activities and athletics. He is connected to School of Business Administration and Department of Physical Education. 

Previously, he was Deputy Party Secretary of the Shanghai Education Discipline Supervision Working Committee, and Director of the Supervision Office for the Shanghai Education Commission.

CHEN Xiaobing

Vice President


Mr. CHEN Xiaobing, Vice President of Shanghai Finance University. He is in charge of university financial affairs, logistics, university infrastructure, and help administrate planning and labor wages of human resources management. Vice President CHEN is connected to School of Insurance and School of Statistics and Mathematics.

Previously, Mr. CHEN held the posts of Secretary of Sub-Committee of Tongji University, Assistant to Department Head, Vice Secretary of Department Party General Branch, Deputy Secretary of Shanghai Finance College and Deputy Director of the Organization Division of the Party Committee on Shanghai's education and health. Vice President CHEN was awarded the 1st Tongji University Outstanding Young Teacher.

CHEN Jingying

Vice President


Ms. CHEN Jingying, Professor, Vice President of Shanghai Finance University, and PhD and master supervisor with major research area is International Economic Law and Maritime Law. Professor CHEN is in charge of university education, international communication and cooperation, experimental and modern education technology, students admissions and employments of graduates, and library. She is connected to Department of Law, School of International Exchange and School of Sino-Danish, and School of International Education.

Currently, Professor CHEN is Deputy to the 12th National People’s Congress, Member of Central Committee of Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party, Director of the Education Committee of Peasants and Workers Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, Member of Committee of Administrative Review of Shanghai Municipal Government, Special Supervisor of Shanghai High People’s Court, etc. 

Professor CHEN was awarded a number of laurels, such as the Baosteel National Excellent Teacher, the Second Prize of the Consulting and Decision-Making Studies for Shanghai, and the Second Prize of Shanghai Excellent Textbook.